Mato sem Cachorro (2013. Cast and Crew, Moviefone. Mato sem Cachorro (2013) Deco falls for the Zoé after almost running over a narcoleptic puppy, and the two have a two year relationship. After Zoé dumps Deco and takes the dog, he sets out to. Trailer Oficial do filme: MATO SEM CACHORRO dirigido por Pedro Amorim e com Bruno Gagliasso, Leandra Leal, Danilo Gentili Sinopse: As filmagens dessa comédia romântica estão previstas para. "Mato sem Cachorro" has something new to add to the wave of Brazilian comedies that have been released throughout the year: it has Danilo Gentile, a famous TV host in Brazil in his first major role in a film; it also has minor roles with other Brazilian hosts: Rafinha Bastos as a veterinary doctor and Marcelo Tas playing twins, as the bosses of the radio station. It is also a bit overlong for a comedy (it runs more than two hours) a fact that decreased my rating from 8 to 7. The plot consists in Deco(Gagliasso) a nerd who stays all day long at home in front of the computer doing funny video editions on the Internet, usually mixing songs to real life footage of celebrities. After a brief relationship with a radio station employee, Zoe (Leandra Leal) Deco is depressed and living with his outgoing cousin Leleo(Gentile) who works in a company but is often diminished by his superior. It turns out that Deco's courtship with Zoe started by chance, when they found a dog under strange circumstances and decided to adopt it. So Deco, with the aid of Leleo, decides to kidnap the same dog, who now is living with Zoe and his new boyfriend - an oddball owner of a dogs spa. From this moment on, a series of misadventures start to happen - one of the funniest is Zoe's brother band trying to break into the music business, and so many others with the dog, who steals many of the movie scenes. As I told you before, it's a funny movie, the cast is fine and the production is competent. It is only quite overlong and fairly predictable, though.

Duda Wendling is an actress, known for Avenida Brasil (2012) Mato Sem Cachorro (2013) and Verão 90 (2019. IMDb. Watch Now For Free Featured Browse more titles » Movies.


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Mato Sem Cachorro (2013. Full Cast & Crew.


Longa dirigido por Pedro Amorim e que traz os atores Bruno Gagliasso, Leandra Leal e Danilo Gentili no elenco principal. Trata-se de uma comédia romântica Mato Sem Cachorro, do diretor Pedro. The Dognapper (2013 film.