Ok, this is not a classic, but it has enough nice touches to make it enjoyable. Sometimes good actors make a so-so film less enjoyable because you end up grieving over the waste of talent. Not so here. If you like Carol Kane, Elliott Gould, Shelley Winters, Margaux Hemingway, or Sid Caesar (who gives a knockout performance) if you liked 'Enter Laughing' or 'Crossing Delancey' or even 'Used People' you'll like this. Worth a rent if you're in the right mood. Amp#x200B; How to Avoid Being Affected by Insulting Commentary How to Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge How to Chat How to Get Rid of the 'deja Vu' Feeling How to Remove Blood from Hardwood Floors How to Befriend a Horse How to Do Variations of the Powerslam How to Go to Bed After Watching a Horror Movie How to Be a Contestant on The Price is Right How to Play Laser Tag How to Compete with Other Lemonade Stands How to Make a Wolverine Costume How to Seduce a Gemini How to Meet D.

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