Casper is a 1995 film that stars Bill Pullman from While You Were Sleeping,Christina Ricci from Penellope and Brad Garrett who voices Fatso in this movie. The movie tells the story of Casper a friendly boy who happens to be a ghost. Kat Harvey(Ricci)and her dad Dr James Harvey(Pullman) who is a ghost hunter btw)move to another city and land in a house that was once owned by a young boy who use to live what Kat and her dad don't know is that Casper and his uncles Stretch,Fatso and Stinkie are still living in the house. Of course the reason why Dr Harvey moves is because these people(who were going to live in this house that they moved in,is haunted so he stays there with his daughter) Dr James Harvey lost his wife so he raises Kat by himself.

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Hi guys, I own a video production business and I've been working on a list of resources for the filmmaker / video production freelancer. I created a similar list about 4 years ago. This is the new and improved, updated list. I finally did it! These are links to resources that have helped me with different aspects of my business - everything from technical filmmaking information, right through to things that help me physically run my business, fund projects, find staff, etc. If you have any mo.

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