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Hello cyntia `s fans can u help here? I have got rage and honour 1 and 2 but I looked on wikepedia  on cyntia filmograpghy say theres another movie called rage and honour 3. Im trying to buy it. can u give more details. 1:54 big mistak,c what is under her? loooool.

Haven't seen this in 31 years

Cynthia Rothrock. Better than gay sparkling vampires of today. Just finished watching. I've seen worse. One of Cannon's finest. Hopefully this movie available in Netflix.

Nope i haven't seen it i will i have to find it that's all

Can i get the movie link. One of the greatest ninja movies of all time hands down. definitely my favorite.


I love the american ninja movies too. This is soul caliber beta. @kato9591 What are you crazy.I live for this shit.