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Gt* GIVE ME YOUR FACE. Optimus Prime. is the leader of the Autobots, a faction of mechanical aliens who fight for the good of all sentient beings. Optimus started out as a humble worker on his home planet of Cybertron until he was forced to take command of the Autobots when he discovered he was a Prime(essentially the Cybertronian version of an angel) and when Megatron became corrupt and formed the Decepticon faction in order to conquer worlds. This war en.
UBC Improv - Home, Facebook.
Free speech group threatens legal action after UBC cancels.


Slam Night Featuring Kit Tempo at Cartems Donuts, Vancouver.
The President has been long on preaching and short on actual policy when it comes to these shootings. [He shut firearms groups out of the post Sandy Hook discussions entirely. The proposals made wouldn't have affected most of the mass murders one whit - especially the Universal Background Checks proposals. In "discussions" with people screaming for more gun control, I've noticed that one refrain I keep hearing is "you j.

Fixing the problem Friday: What solutions can we, as gun owners, propose that will work? Especially in contrast to the antigun proposals that are doomed to failure. UBC Vancouver based series of recorded lectures and events. 675 Free Movies Online: Great Classics, Indies, Noir, Westerns, etc.