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Am I the only one who wanted the characters to be the same as last time. Elsa 2013: You can't marry a man you just met Anna 2019: Then dont rUN iNto fiRE.


Time to use my sibling as an excuse to watch Frozen 2. How in the world her make up doesnt get messed up while shes submerging into the big waves. 'I can never remake this album,its got to be perfect. periodtttt 👌. Timothée & Saorise is the best duo.


WTF is admiral Holdo doin there? She has a plan I suppose. “Excuse me, I climbed the North mountain, survived a frozen heart AND saved you from my ex boyfriend. So, you know; Im coming. ” We freaking live for Anna 😂😂❤️. I puked when Scooter said, No one has Ever grown in history of Humanity like Justin Beiber😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Is that the trashman Im seeing.

You cant just follow me into fire- Elsa Then dont run into fire- Anna Wise words Anna