At least there was no makeover. John would be really proud of Jim right now. Oh, let me think. no.


This is an incredible story about two twins that switch place and the tragedy that occurred afterwards! However Paula Abduls acting is horrific and almost ruined the movie. As soon as she comes on the scene, the reality that this is a movie sets in. Before she came into the movie, you were immersed in the story as it unfolded. Once her part came up, the horrible acting detracted from the plot, it was so obvious she was "Acting" it was almost unwatchable. Part of her problem is that the only thing that moves on her face is her teeth, her lips barely even move, so its really hard for her to use facial expression, like most actors and actresses, to convy meaning. In any event its a FREE movie that is worth watching, with LOTS of twist and turns.

Willam levy gupooo eres el mejor. There's a reason this movie is being released on the same day as Star Wars. It's because they expected anybody to go see it in the first place. Anything with Tina, Amy and Maya is a must see. Going too see this tonight with our cousins! Super excited. Wait, was that a scene of her molesting an old man, portrayed as humor. This looks worse than Hot Pursuit. Am i the only person who thinks this looks hilarious. I thought Leslie Knope was supposed to be a Councilwoman. Add the IMDB page in the description. Hey ! industrial really looks strongly fdntastmcstation.





THIS is what ghostbusters should have been, not the horrible flop that it will be. This movie is probably gonna be shit. Carrie Smith? Really that's the name chosen? The same name of the Stephen King book girl who kills everyone at prom? Good job. Lol movie looks cute. I'll give it a shot 😉. The guy played by Will Levy works at Freddy Fazbear's pizza. Ok, i want her husband. I dont believe i need to see the movie, the trailer was like my first cheap hooker that revealed waaay to much.