I saw this amazing film in Chicago and I ABSOLUTELY ADORED IT! I even dragged my mom to see it and, to be honest, I think she loved it even more than I did. There were laughs and tears coming from both my mom's and my face. Not only was the story touching, but the actors were phenomenal. The actors brought so much love, sadness, and joyful moments in their characters. I did not once think, Damn, this actor needs better training! On the way home we called my dad and told him how awesomely funny and powerful Putzel was! If you haven't had a chance to see this film, DO IT! You're life will be changed. and I'm not joking. I'm a tough critic when it comes to films and acting performances. IT'S FANTASTIC.





Dimple kapadia is in the movie. Finally🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😝. In Nolan I trust. Love Nolan. Hes so ambitious in everything he does. Robert Pattison is invisible 🤔. Based on the trailer alone, i can already tell the book is way better.

Ed Harris should have won the Oscar for this not that douchecock russell crowe

I didn't understand shit. But as tradition, i heard Nolan's BWAHHHHH in this trailer. The music was pure bollocks, The only thing it represents is the fact the movie was made between 1995 and 2003 when that type of shit was briefly popular. I preferred this score in Sim City 4. I get crazy person vibes from that Love girl. I wonder if shes a secret psycho too. I really wish there were something like this at my school. At 1:29 Indian Actress DIMPLE KAPADIA 😎🙏🇮🇳.