The premise to this film is undeniably great.
Who wouldn't be scared by a maniac cab driver chasing after you for not paying your night fare. whilst keeping the meter running!
Sadly the film didn't work for me, where humour and intensity could have prevailed, a great opening and first half of the movie was ruined by a second half and ending that literally felt tacked on.
And the director proudly revealed in the Q&A at FrightFest that they in fact changed the film as they were shooting, and made up a new ending on the go. The thing is you can tell that's what they did and it doesn't feel very clever, it just feels random. Not to mention the cardboard cut-out women characters that are only present to look pretty and get kidnapped. Come on, it's 2015!
It didn't work for me, though there is a little to enjoy in the opening. I give the film a 5/10 for effort. But I don't think I'd be interested in watching this again.



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