Ab kya feed hai computer mai. Program ki agli line Kya hai. Pair of old Queens. I CRIED SO MUCH IN THE FILM SAME THO. I think Michael lowkey fell in love with her. Can't see him without thinking he's about to go full Moriarty.


I love Hot priest more than anything. Awwwwwwww i love him benedict seriously there cant be a more perfect human being. Reminds me of Paul McCartney in his voice and mannerisms. I have a sort of jealous admiration for people who seem to get a billion and one chances in life. This is why he's voicing Smaug. You eat as much as you can when they take you out for dinner. The most relatable thing ever said.

I love that ex revenge story. 😏. Andrew Scott is a mad man's wet dream. Graham laughs at every story which is so refreshing. Forever loving Ms. Paloma Faith. Look at them both smiling at her while she does it aaww <3.





Woohoo haha he killed me. I love My cocaine! D. Graham.

He looks so tense... Relax man

Lol. 3:05. Love how casually he says we we're having tea. OooHHH MY GOD THE LAST PART I CNA TBREATHE. JIM MORIARTY, HAAAAAAIIIII. Si Graham Norton mobile download… Si Graham Norton full movie yesmovies...

Immediately youtube-ing hot priest, fleabag and kneel after this 😄

I bet he had fun with freddy. Si Graham Norton Watch [si graham norton] Please Si GrahaM NOrton (2018) Full Movie Watch Online Si Graham Norton Read here Si Graham movie stream free. He's so cute. I think Benedict saying Woo Hoo would be the best text message tone ever. Omg im watching this with my kitten sleeping on ny chest and my brothers husky pup next to me watching this vid that Andrew is in welp heaven can't get better Edit:nvm it would be better if Andrew was here IRL.

1.56 what was he about to say. I was giggling and blushing and clapping hands alone in my room omg i'm such a teenager. Marion Cottillard ❤️🧿❤️🙏😘. Lmao I love his impression of Graham Norton at the end. Can't wait for this.




Inception is real.

That card sounds just like Sean Lock

He looks so lively and handsome here eye.
God Julie Andrews is beautiful.
Sir Elton is one of the biggest influences in modern music since the 70s.


I was Gay, but I want Andrew Scott is a Straight guy. Idk why

She's awesome. Then again, all French women are awesome.
That was actually amazing. 1:16 for the most seductive move by an actress in history.

Hypocrisy: Elton John: “live music is dying ! Youngsters dont know who the great musicians are anymore... ” Then he charges 200 quid plus PER PERSON for nosebleeds at the crappy assembly-rooms, Derby! Booooooo! I know hair transplants And fresh flowers arent cheap. but how much money do u need, u greedy old queen. I wonder whether he and Rod Stewart got their stomachs pumped together. James Mcavoy gives me butterflies- like im just sitting here with a stupid smile on my face thinking of him <3.

I always like flying my frag. 1:19

Hes still standing. Marion has no French accent 😳wow Shes got an American one. I liked her in Dark Knight Rises. WoW, Elton you look just fantastic. I CRIED SO MUCH IN THE FILM SAME THO. I used to love Julie Andrews more than my mum. I changed because I kept getting banned at dinner table. I HAVE GRANDCHILDREN. I watched this movie 6 times, every time I get the chills. She is a marvelous actor. 🤗.

“Wallies?” “Wahllies” “Whallies... ” “WALLIES! ”

When he blushes its so beautiful.