Charlie puth has meaningful songs thats why i love his songs. I love you more than I love llamas and I really love llamas 😂. Me listing once : this is the worst song theyve made My 2nd time listening : its okay I guess 3rd time : ok ok ok ok this is a BOB. He's my love ❤️ and whatever he do or make i love them. 10:29 kicking someone in a boxing fight. just a few seconds earlier he was mocking KSIs ‘boxing strategies.

I heard it for the first time now and I can't stop listening! How did this song not become one of the hits of the year. 8:15 Ksi claims that Logan said “Im going to run through you” in 2:58 you can obviously see Ksi was the one who said it not Logan 😂. Almost a year later and I just found this out. Almost a year Still no rematch Nice. BFF: r u gunna cry when Corbyn gets married? Me: DUH 🙄 every girl cries on their wedding day. Did you know that the guys in daft punk are 43. Im convinced atleast 1 mil of these views are mine. I was a little apprehensive at the beginning, as the setting for the film had a lot of potential to be excruciatingly boring if anything was slightly off. I have to say though, they did a great job.
There are flashbacks regarding certain incidents that are important to the plot but for the most part they are in a room reluctantly discussing there involvement in or around a violent work incident.
Sounds boring right? Well in this case not necessarily (depending on your disposition.
The thing that works best here is the steady pace of the plot. We are treated to lots of little twists and bits of information that add a new dimension to the incident in question or open up a new can of worms. It really draws you in.
Its very well done and relevant to many a today's workplace.

Likes overrated But views is underrated, what tha hell.


Face to Face
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Face to Face