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[OT] The 1st Ever Weekly SHOWCASE! A collection of the selected works of: u/Kat_Angstrom. My name is Jenny. The blogger you know as Holovision is allowing me to make this blog post on his account because Holovision is one of the few I've talked to recently that will at least entertain the notion that the details I am about to share are true. That's the spin Holovision wants. The deal is I write this and Holovision keeps the cryptocurrency this post generates. Holovision figures that everyone reading this post will just assume this is fiction written by him. Maybe Holovision is writin. [ROLEPLAY] The Ballad of Harv and Kev (Part 9. Fate/Stay Night is a Visual Novel that was released back in 2004 and it created one of the most popular franchises in the anime industry, leading to a bunch of spin-off light novels and games. Most people here in the west know about F/SN because of either the 2006 anime adaptation of the VN by Studio Deen or from the 2011 adaptation of Fate/Zero by Studio Ufotable. Needless to say, the 2006 anime was such a bad adaptation that it forever tarnished Emiya Shirou's reputation among the western vi.


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