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If... dog... rabbit free download game. If... dog... rabbit free download windows 10. If... dog... rabbit free download site. If. Dog. Rabbit free downloads. If. Dog. Rabbit free download software. Around this time of year, I sense a kind of longing and loss. My former mother-in-law’s birthday was December 29 and I remember her fondly. She left this world far too soon and is sorely missed. Joanne often used the phrase, “If, dog, rabbit…” when something happened that she wished had gone differently. Even with a Google search, it is not easy to find the origins of the saying, but one clean version I found says, “ If the dog hadn’t stopped to pick up the bone, he might have caught the rabbit. ” Contingencies. If…. then. If/then thinking can be used for good or ill and understanding the difference may determine our success in life and love in the coming year. So, in honor of the new year and the plethora of New Year’s resolutions being made right now, I thought a post on maximizing goal setting might be especially useful. (For former blogs on New Year’s resolutions see:;) When our if/then thinking tends toward excuse-making, (if the economy had not taken a downturn, that product would have really taken off; if she wouldn’t have gained so much weight, I would not have had that affair and we would still be married), it sets us up for failure. We blame other people or circumstances for us not meeting our goals or living up to our own standards. We give away our power by placing it someplace outside ourselves. On the other hand, when we use contingency planning correctly, research studies [1] contend that it can make our lives almost magically better by helping us reach our most cherished goals! What is your most cherished goal for this year? Losing weight or eating healthier is always high on the top 10 New Year’s resolutions (NYR) lists, for example. But, is that the thing you want to accomplish? Or maybe it is having a better relationship with your …. (fill in the blank) spouse, parents, boss or co-workers. Whatever it is, be all in or it will never become a reality. As they say in the sports world, “Go big, or go home! ” So, step one for making effective NYR is identifying what we most want to have different or better in our lives and committing to that passionately. Second, once we are fully committed to a goal, achieving it becomes easier when we envision the steps along the way that mark success. For example, the goal of developing a more loving relationship with your spouse, is a pretty tall order. But reacting in a healthier way when he/she does something stupid that bugs you, could be a step in that direction. Come to think of it, maybe not labeling a behavior ‘stupid’ might be a start…. (note to self). Finally, plan for potential obstacles in meeting your most important goal and make contingency plans to deal with those hurdles. What will you do when she comes home late from the office for the third night in a row? When he spends $100 instead of the projected $55 on that bike part or golf gadget? When you hear sarcasm instead of sympathy in his/her voice? Effective contingencies sound like “When X happens, I will (think, say, or do) Y. ” These plans need to be in place before the obstacles come up. For example, when she comes home late, I will focus on what is happening for me instead of blaming and accusing. I could say something like, “I worry about you when you don’t make it home as planned. I don’t like to feel afraid. ” If you want your New Year’s resolutions to make a positive difference in your life, remember, “If, dog, rabbit. ” Know what you will do to face the barriers that keep you from your deep desires and aspirations. [1] Gollwitzer, P. M. (1999). Implementation intentions: Strong effects of simple plans. American Psychologist, 54, 493–503.

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If... dog... rabbit free download video. If. Dog. Rabbit Free downloadable. If... dog... rabbit free download without. If... dog... rabbit free download free. If... dog... rabbit free download version. As you continue to read this post you will hopefully understand the title.  It is a popular saying my grandpa frequently used with me. Nearly every single day I hear the excuses.  They come from everywhere and everyone.  I hear parents tell me that, "It won't be a good day for little Andy because.... " (you fill in the blank).  It could be lack of breakfast, sleep, broken home, you name it. I listen to students inform me of why they made a bad choice on the bus or in class.  The message seems to center around blaming or making excuses.  Last week a student told me, "When I'm on the bus it gets loud. When it gets loud I get angry and I hit people. "  My first thought was, this student should never attend a concert:) Even in my own home I hear the excuses. My oldest said, "Today isn't gonna be a good day, I have a terribly stuffed up nose. " Don't kid yourself, it isn't just students.  I hear adults do it as well.  We blame parents, we blame our own busy schedules and we make excuses for why we won't be at our best. True story, last April I ran in the Orthopedic Rehab 5K.  As I prepared for this race I had been told it was a "fast" course and that the last mile flies because it's downhill.  For weeks I trained and prepared.  The day finally arrived and it was frigid.  I vividly remember going out to warm up and I ran straight west up Michigan Ave.  I was being pelted by snow.  The wind was howling out of the west and I knew the middle part of the course all headed in that direction.  I could feel myself beginning to slip into an excuse mindset.  I see this all too often, individuals make an excuse or lower expectations.  It is as though some people don't want people to think they gave it 100% and came up short.  I ask why? Why make excuses, why lower expectations?  Why not just do your best and OWN the outcome?  For three weeks I have talked to our students about being proactive.  I continually urge them to take responsibility and not to blame others.  For some I'm seeing growth, but for many I still hear excuses. So I take you back to that day in April.  Wind howling in my face, snow ricocheting off my bare arms. I started mile 1 at a torrid pace.  I was feeling great, I was only 10-12 paces behind Dave Jordan!  Next came mile two, the wind socked me in the face and I could feel myself tiring.  I was passed going up the hill, it was at this moment I could have broken down mentally.  I could have blamed my training, the weather or anything.  Instead I tried to be mentally strong and push myself.  I was determined to give it my all!  During mile three I positive self-talked myself through the difficult parts.  In the end I finally PR'd!  I ran an 18:47.  But the story doesn't end there. Three weeks later I ran my next 5K.  One big difference, between the races I got pretty sick.  As I arrived that Saturday morning to run I wanted to back up my 18:47 with another fast time.  Inside I felt weak and way below my best.  I had decided on the drive in that I was going to run my hardest.  No excuses!  I didn't mention my health to anyone there.  I started out fast, my first mile was pretty good.  Mile two was a struggle, but I still felt as though I had a good race going.  Then mile three came and we turned up hill.  I didn't seem to have my finishing gear, but I was positive self-talking myself through it.  When the race ended I didn't PR. I ran a 19:32.  45 seconds slower.  I owned my time.  On this day, I gave it my best and that's what I produced. Years ago when I spent night after night with my grandfather I would share scenarios with him.  I would say, "if only, " or "I could've, " or "I should've, ".  He always responded with one of two sayings, "Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda! " The second was, "If Dog Rabbit. "  I still chuckle when I think of him saying that to me.  The point is, he didn't want to hear excuses, he just wanted me to OWN the outcome. All of that being said we come back to human nature of downplaying expectations and making excuses for not being at our best. As adults we ask our students/children to be willing to take risks.  We don't want them to fear failure. Yet as adults we don't always model this.  Adults can be quick to make excuses and deflect responsibility.  Day in and day out we must model being Proactive, we must be the positive force that always gives it our all and takes responsibility. This week's big questions:  How do you model being proactive?  It's important to understand, relate and empathize, but we all choose our attitudes.  If you have a child that is coming from a difficult environment how do you help the student look beyond the struggles? Next Week At A Glance: Monday, Sept. 30th: Happy Bday to Lori Phillips Monday, Sept. 30th:  Tech meeting at 1pm Tuesday, Oct. 1st:  Happy Bday to Brad Lenhart Wednesday, Oct. 2nd: No Wednesday Assembly, 5th graders leave for camp Friday, Oct. 4th: 5th graders return from camp at 4:30 *  Upcoming email on Fall Festival *  Please make sure you've taken Online Safety Quizzes, due Sept. 30th *  Please input goals on Stages *  SAU tutors will be beginning soon, please email me preferred times Articles Worth Reading: Increase Student Engagement by Grading Backwards   +TeachThought  @TeachThought Educators of the Future...   +Justin Tarte  @justintarte Making the Most of a Small Space   +Erin Klein  @KleinErin How to deal with co-workers   +Angela Watson  @Angela_Watson Inspire or Enrage?   +Amber Teamann  @8Amber8 11 Tips on Teaching the Common Core Critical Vocabulary  by Marilee Sprenger HACKtivate ED: A model for collaborative problem solving  by Bryan Kitch Exploring Pumpkins in Kindergarten  by  +Matt Gomez  @mattBgomez The Things I Won't Be Doing This Weekend...  @ShutUpRun 4 Reasons To Let Kids Play Minecraft  shared by  +Eric Sheninger  @NMHS_Principal 10 Ways to make the rest of today amazing   +Marc Chernoff  @marcandangel Videos Worth Watching: 21st Century Education (3 min) Set Your Mind Free (5 min) Teddy Ballgame: cool story about a difference maker. (11 min).

If... dog... rabbit free download games. If... dog... rabbit free download pc. There is tremendous character development in "One Last Score. Matthew Modine, John Hurt, Kevin O'Conner, David Keith, and Bruce Dern, all deliver excellent performances. The movie is almost dragged to a halt however, every time Lisa Marie opens her mouth. Her acting is so wooden, and character so miscast that she alone almost sinks what otherwise is a fine film. The bull ring caper and subsequent chase is somewhat rushed to conclusion, and the ending most certainly is controversial, somewhat like the final scene in "Cutter's Way. Other than Lisa Marie's performance, the movie is terrific. Seek this one out. You will not be disappointed. MERK.


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