If you are expecting a real life depiction of an incident that happened some 16 years ago, if you are expecting a true to life cinema, if you are expecting a film on the lines of Black Friday… then you'll be disappointed. And big time.
Because this is no real life. Its hardcore commercial cinema, with all the entities of a typical Bollywood potboiler intact. So you have item numbers with no relevance with the narrative, you have cops delivering stylish dialogs on television, you have gangs of men walking in slow-mo, you have cop-gangster fight where they prefer fists over pistols, you have an amazing background score in the shootout sequences… so is that bad. No, not at all. In fact it's good, very entertaining. But not real by any yardsticks.
So before entering forget that it's based on any true incident (well if you know that at the first place) watch it as a fictitious action thriller, and you'll be entertained. Direction and cinematography of the film is top notch. The story is thrilling and taut, you'll be on the edge of the seat for most of the time if not always. The action sequences, especially in the final moments of film are really good.
Sanjay Dutt delivers a knock out performance yet again. Sunil Shetty makes the film all the more fictitious; I personally have never seen a cop who looks, walks, dresses or behaves like him. Arbaz Khan is decent. They should have used a better adhesive for his moustaches, its fluttering at times. Abhishek in guest appearance is good. Tusshar Kapoor tries his best to shed the "good boy next door" image, and marginally succeeds too, but it'll still take some more time. Amrita Singh is solid, well not literally, performance vise. And this film sort of marks the come back of Vivek Oberoi. You see glimpse of Company (his debut film) days. He's still not lost all of it. He can be revived, only if he selects his films wisely.
All in all, an entertaining and larger than life film. Watch if for fun, not for history lessons.




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