Directed by Dhananjay Khairnar A Maharashtrian Folk Art



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A Maharashtrian Folk Art 123movies A MAHARASHTRIAN FOLK Free Online Watch full movie subtitle A Maharashtrian Folk English Full Episodes Watch Online. Folk Arts Dindi and Kala. Dindi and Kala are two religious devotional dances performed in Maharashtra. These dances describe the playfullness of Lord Krishna. Dindi is a small drum like a 'Tamate. The musicians are gathered in the centre; a 'Mridangam' accompanied with a vocalist gives the dancers the necessary musical background.

Maharashtrian Folk Song - Lavani by Anjali Talekar and Sonali Pawar at Idea Jalsa presented by Art and Artistes Stay tuned for the richest collection of the diverse Music of India. Look forward to. Folk - English to Marathi Meaning of folk.