Ahaha You bloody bet I'm gonna take it all he didn't even hesitate ahah so cold 😂. The Musical is absolutely amazing and this trailer looks so good. I hope they keep the story line the same though, because and no spoilers, but the ending to the play was very different and if they keep that then it will be epic. Fr thought Martin Lawrence was in a body suit💀💀💀. Love the play, that said I go in with the understanding that this will be similar but it will not follow the stage production exactly, Looking forward to this take on the In To The Woods, script. WOW this looks fantastic! Acting royalty here, plus suspense,what more could you want in a movie experience. The pacing of this trailer is so weird.

In the 2nd part of this trailer there was a really cool song that sounds like it was by Of Monsters and Men. Does anyone know what it's called? Thanks. Love Steve Carell. I'm excited to see this movie. Greatest trailer of 2019. In the beginning i thought it was going to be like another diary of the wimpy kid sorta movie but this seems ALOT better. Thought this was xmen. I'm sneaking some of Colette's famous iceberg lettuce into the theatre when we go to see this movie. Wow I've been waiting for like 3 or 4 years lol Martin looks really fat, can't wait to watch it.

It seems like a really good movie! Alright I've decided, I'll take my cousin to watch this in December hah.