I was out exploring, just driving along whatever, me time. I came across this nice little creekside road down in the creek valley, no houses nowhere, just a one lane gravel and crops. I drive along, and come up out of the valley eventually, pass a couple houses, and then the road says to turn left, but it has an option to go straight. Theres no mailbox or roadsign for the straight option, and google maps claims its a county road, just the bridge has been out for awhile so nobody uses it, so I de.

I was trying to quantify the number of movies I've streamed over the last year, so I assembled this share-worthy list. All were watched in their entirety! Amazon Prime (Starz and Showtime added on) Morris from America Sling Blade True Lies Cowboy Bebop - The Movie The Truman Show Cadillac Man Session 9 Strange Days Gone Baby Gone Fortress The Abyss FX FX2 Dreamscape Prophet's Prey The Illusionist The Last Supper The Conversation Shadows and Fog Rollerball Control Get Shor. Official /r/ListenToThis Best Of 2014 - Only 179 albums! We tried to keep it slim this year.

(Spoilers TWOW) The Forsaken (Transcript from Balticon. All the movies I streamed this year.