Onata Aprile is an eight year old young lady who is destined for stardom if she continues with her acting career.
She totally owned 'What Maisie Knew' from start to finish and her acting was absolutely flawless. Her presence lit up the screen and her acting ability was electrifying.
Maisie, played by Onata Aprile is a little girl whose mother and father, Susanna (Julienne Moore) and Beale (Steve Coogan) have split up and have had a bitter custody battle for Maisie which the father wins.
Maisie goes to live with her father and Margo (Joanna Vanderham. Margo had been taking care of Maisie while her mother was on the road with her band and her father was away on business.
When Maisie went to live with her father she discovered her father and Margo had been having a relationship and has moved in with Beale. Shortly after Margo and Maisie's father get married and at about the same time Maisie's mother meets and quickly marries Lincoln (Alexander Skarsgård. Both Margo and Lincoln are nearly half the age of their new spouses.
Both parents were only interested in their own selves and Maisie was a poor second.
She was pushed around from pillar to post and it was usual for either Margo or Lincoln to pick up the pieces because Maisie's parents were rarely around.
Not very long after the two marriages both Lincoln and Margo split from Susanna and Beale, but continued to look after Maisie.
Eventually the obvious happened and Margo and Lincoln fell in love.
Maisie's mother goes off on her tours and her father goes back to the UK to work and Lincoln and Margo end up caring for Maisie.
For the first time in Maisie's life she knew how it felt to be truly loved and Margo and Lincoln loved Maisie more than life itself.
When the mother returns to take Maisie with her on her tours Maisie does not want to go and eventually her mother accepts this and allows Maisie to stay with Margo and Lincoln.
This was both a disturbing and sad movie. Thank God 99.9% of parents are not like Maisie's mother and father.
The script was extremely well written as was the direction and all the actors played their parts superbly, but I still must say that Onata Aprile outshone even Julianne Moore.
A mention must I feel be made about Joanna Vanderham who played Margo.
Joanna is new to the big screen and her career to date has mainly been in TV acting in several TV series, notably 'The Paradise on BBC.
She also has a sparkling career ahead of her and I am looking forward to seeing her in her next movie.




Read the book this year for my degree. Painful. Brilliant but painful. Started watching the movie. couldn't go on. What a beautiful child though. Sigh hes going to be a awesome dad. Great song to end a wonderful tear-jerking film!  Alongside Maisie, my favorite character is Lincoln.  I love Margo too, yet it is Lincoln with whom I can identify.  At my work I have formed a bond with a little girl Maisie's age.  And fortunately, she has loving and caring parents.  When I watch in the film the connection Lincoln and Maisie form, I cry with happiness because I think about my connection with my young friend.  'An important message to all parents (and parental figures) always do what is best for the child and never neglect him/her.  Each of them needs support to live a life of hope and happiness.

Hi guys! do you know where i can find the piano sheet for this song. Brandon does moms know you're doing this. This movie was very different and was very sad, but very well made. Why is it such a big deal to be naked? We all have the same body parts.

What's the song at 1:36? Love Alexander Skarsgård

What's the song towards the end of the trailer? Sounds a bit like M83. It's average plus. What exactly is 'average plus? LOL. Oh hang on, he meant the stove okay, it's the Swedish mentality in. Oh my god I wish I lived in this house, seeing younger naked Stellan Skarsgard is definitely on my list hahaha. I like how he feels the need to inform as his father is also an actor, I'm here BECAUSE of his father lol. I brought children into this dark world because it needed the light that only a child can bring. ~Liz Armbruster. Great movie, Julian Moore is for consecutive slapping and praise Alexander Skarsgard. I knew this song from a movie but i forgot what movie is it. He would've been good as christian grey hehe. So good. dont care about the gap between, love the way they feel each other <3 Love little Jason, Love Leigh <3.

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He'll be such an amazing father to our children <3. Damn sweden getting all the attention. Greetings from Finland.