You're Not You Online HBO 2018, TV live steam: Watch online You're Not You OnLinE free 2018. you're not you] 2018) HD English Full Movie Download. Kate Parker (Hilary Swank) is 35 with the perfect husband Evan (Josh Duhamel) and the perfect life. Her life is turned upside down by ALS. One and a half years later, she needs full-time help. She fires her nurse for treating her as a patient and hires Bec Cartwell (Emmy Rossum. Bec's life is a mess. Her best friend is Jill. Wil (Jason Ritter) has a crush on her but she's banging her married professor Liam (Julian McMahon. She's an aspiring singer with stage fright. Kate doesn't fit with her old friends Keely (Ali Larter) and Alyssa (Andrea Savage) anymore. She befriends John (Ernie Hudson) and his wife Marilyn (Loretta Devine) who also has ALS.
The first most surprising thing is that Emmy Rossum is funny in this. She's doing Fiona from Shameless and she's good at it. Hilary Swank does her best impression of ALS. Once the comedy gets going, the heart can open up. The stage is set for the tear ducts to flow. I also like that Evan is a character with a couple of levels and Kate has a complicated dueling reaction. Bec's many personal problems are a little too broad. The film piles on her problems too thick. In the end, this is an unabashed tear-jerker and one must submit to the manipulations. Also the title is horrible. I get the meaning but it sounds like a bad self-help chant without knowing the story behind it. A better self-help phrase would be "Someone who sees me. At least, that sounds better.

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